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The importance of Website Maintenance

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Maybe you are wondering why you should pay someone to keep an eye on your website. Well if you have a wordpress website understand that you can't just construct it and leave it to the wolves (hackers that is). These are a few reasons why you should hire your web designer (aka me!) to keep an eye on your website:

#1 You need to constantly back up your files: If anything were to happen to your website, you must have a way to bring it back up after cleaning it up. Codes change constantly and God forbid your website gets broken because of a faulty code. Wordpress have excellent plugins to make that happen and we know just the one to install on your website

#2  Securing your Wordpress website from hackers. it's a dreadful feeling finding out that you've done all this work and to suddenly lose your site to a hacker. 

#3 Keep an eye or code updates. Wordpress uses plugins and themes that codes need to be updated on a regular basis. Moreover you must know how to update them and remove them just in case the codes are not compatible with your site.

There are many more reasons why you should keep your website updated but these are the most important ones. 

Our maintenance fee is only $50 a month for personal websites and $85 a month for businesses. (in other words we are super affordable)

Contact us today!

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