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How complicated is creating a website in 2020

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I have to tell you when I first started in this web design business journey I thought it was going to be complicated. However, though I may have a techy background I have found out that creating a website in 2020 is not that difficult at all. Thankfully we have geniuses who steer their invention towards being more user friendly giving the consumer a wider choice range not only beneficial in terms of being knowledgeable about HTML but also for their wallets.

There are softwares that I have found super easy and simple to learn should there be any doubt in terms of creating a website from scratch. Zyro has proven to be an easy cloud base platform where once can easily drag and drop their content to create a seamlessly beautiful website.

In 2020 we are not saying that Web Designers have become obsolete. Web designers are there because there are certain functionalities that you may want your website to have that you may not conceptualize without knowing some code. However, If you are a startup and are looking for a way to put your brand online, not knowing how to build a website should not stop you from starting.

Should you need help to build your website we would be more than happy to offer our services but take a look at Zyro and let us know what you think.

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