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New Online Learning Platform Launches to Help Aspiring Entrepreneurs Develop a Mogul Mindset aka The Mogul Mindset Learning Hub

MIAMI, FL - The CCWC Network Corp has partnered with The Karine Melissa School of Business to launch an exciting new online learning platform called Mogul Mindset Learning Hub, aimed at helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop the skills and mindset to build successful businesses. 

Mogul Mindsset logo

The comprehensive platform provides on-demand video courses, downloadable workbooks, case studies, expert interviews and more designed to teach entrepreneurial skills like business planning, marketing, sales, and leadership.

"With Mogul Mindset Learning Hub, our goal is to empower a new wave of diverse entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into thriving companies utilizing the tech resources of today," said Corhinn Brunot CEO of CCWC Network Corp. "By learning from experienced entrepreneurs, experts and business leaders, we believe aspiring founders can gain the strategic thinking and execution ability of a mogul."

The goal is to give people seeking entrepreneurial success the playbook and toolbox to make their business dreams a reality by distilling the key insights from running multi-million dollar companies and interviewing business titans.

The platform's unique course offerings include "Business Model Innovation," teaching how to design compelling new business models; "Marketing Magic," revealing proven growth marketing tactics; and "The Mogul Mindset," helping build the resilience, vision and leadership skills of successful entrepreneurs.

"We hear from aspiring entrepreneurs every day who have great business ideas but don't know how to turn them into reality," said Karine M. Purchas, Dean of The Karine Melissa School of Business. "Mogul Mindset Learning Hub finally provides the structured learning path they need to acquire the skills to make their entrepreneurial dreams happen."

The online courses combine pre-recorded video lessons, downloadable guides, quizzes, worksheets, E-books and community discussion forums to ensure practical retention of the material. New courses will be continually added every week.

The Mogul Mindset Learning Hub is now open for enrollment, with subscription plans starting at $27 per month. Get started at 


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